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Project Description

A SharePoint 2010 project that implements a set of connected web parts that enable drill-down and display of a variety of "under the covers" sharepoint settings and information.

Version 0.1 of the UI is below.

The idea here is that developers and possibly system admins can see all the object model has to say about things like:
  • Site collections
  • Sites
  • Lists and Libraries
  • Content types
  • etc.

It's often useful to be able to do this kind of research and the collection of connected web parts in this project aim to provide that "under the covers" look at what's happening.

As of now (02/06), it manages to show a tree view of the sites from a given starting point. The tree view has some mappings so that when you hover over a particular node, it shows you the template of the thing over which you're hovering.

This project is open to anyone that wants to contribute. Email me at

Here's version 0.1 of the UI:

Version ZedPointOne.png

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